Is it better to fix a window or replace it?

Is It Better to Fix a Window or Replace It? Your Guide for Homes in Kent and Medway

When it comes to home maintenance in Kent and Medway, windows play a pivotal role in both the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your property. A common question we encounter at Kent Window Wizard is: “Is it better to fix a window or replace it?” The answer can vary depending on several factors, including the age and condition of the window, the cost implications, and the potential energy savings. Therefore in this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of repairing versus replacing windows, drawing on official research and our extensive experience, with a slight bias towards repairs where feasible.

Understanding the Value of Window Repair


Repairing a window is often significantly more cost-effective than replacing it. According to a report by The Repair Association, minor repairs can save homeowners up to 50% over the cost of full replacements. For families in Kent and Medway, where preserving the character and value of a home is crucial, repair not only saves money but also maintains the authenticity of the property.

Is it better to fix a window or replace it?

Environmental Impact

Window repair also has a lesser environmental impact compared to replacement. The Environmental Protection Agency highlights that repairing windows can extend their life, reducing the demand for new materials and the energy consumption associated with manufacturing and transporting new windows. For those of us in Kent and Medway keen on preserving our green and pleasant land, this is a considerable benefit.

Energy Efficiency

A common misconception is that only new windows can improve energy efficiency. However, a study by English Heritage found that properly repaired and draught-proofed windows can match the energy efficiency of standard double-glazed units. When choosing to repair, Kent and Medway homeowners can enhance their home’s energy performance, leading to significant savings on heating bills.

When to Consider Window Replacement

There are scenarios where replacement might be the more sensible option. If your windows are severely damaged, excessively draughty, or if the frames are rotting and beyond repair, then replacement with energy-efficient models is advisable. Modern windows come with advanced features like low-E coatings and inert gas fills that can dramatically improve your home’s insulation properties.

Is it better to fix a window or replace it?

Why Kent Window Wizard Is Your Go-To Expert

At Kent Window Wizard, we understand the unique needs of homes in Kent and Medway. Our team of experts can assess your windows’ condition and provide honest, tailored advice on whether repair or replacement is the best option for your home. We have a bias towards repairs which stems from a commitment to cost-effectiveness, environmental responsibility, and preserving the charm of your home, but we’re equally skilled in high-quality replacements when necessary.

Our Approach

  • Personalized Assessment: We consider the specific needs of your property and your budget.
  • Expert Repairs: Our team specializes in restoring windows to their former glory, improving energy efficiency without the need for full replacements.
  • Quality Replacements: When a replacement is the best option, we use the highest quality materials designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic and meet the demands of Kent and Medway’s weather.


Deciding whether to fix a window or replace it is a significant consideration for any homeowner. At Kent Window Wizard, we’re here to ensure that residents of Kent and Medway have access to expert advice and services that balance cost, efficiency, and environmental impact. Whether you’re leaning towards repair or replacement, you can count on us to provide solutions that enhance your home’s value and comfort.

For a personalized consultation and to explore how we can help with your window needs, contact us on 07383 977434 or email Let Kent Window Wizard be your partner in making your home the best it can be.

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